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Karim Kadi is a multidisciplinary creative who focuses on visual identity.

Their work consists of concepting and generating new ideas for brands and can be seen through campaign art direction and digital design.

Constantly seeking new ways of image making, they take a hands-on approach to creative that includes printmaking, 3D rendering, photography and brand strategy.

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AirSupport Bra

A breakthrough in comfortable high support that feels light as air.

No pressure. No pain. No limits.


This bra holds nothing back.

The AirSupport bra introduces runners to a new reality—where there is no compromise; their goals can be realized, and there's nothing holding them back. All that's left to do is take comfort, high support, and possibility, and run with it.

Visual Identity
We wanted to create a refined confidence for the AirSupport Bra. Using contemporary typography, we created a lockup that speaks to the technical innovation of the product with some personality.

Art Director: Michael Mavian
Copy Director: Arrabelle Stavroff
Sr. Graphic Designer: Karim Kadi
Sr. Copy Writer: Kim Buziak 
Stylist: Hillary Russel
Producer: Christine Nairne
Photographer: Jackie Beale 
CGI Production: The Mill
Video Production: Wavelength