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Karim Kadi is a multidisciplinary creative who focuses on visual identity.

Their work consists of concepting and generating new ideas for brands and can be seen across campaign art direction and brand design.

Constantly seeking new ways of image making, they take a hands-on approach to creative that includes printmaking, 3D rendering, photography and brand strategy.

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On the Move

Cue pants with athletic innovation for everyday life. Take that, jeans.


Your day is a workout.

No one is just one thing. We’re parents, entrepreneurs, dancers, explorers, basement DJ’s, wannabe photographers, and fun seekers. Now more than ever, no two days are the same. Cue pants that let us do our thing.

360 Campaign

Focusing on making this campaign scalable to all touch points, we incorporated a creative hierarchy to follow the user’s experience through the campaign.
Remote Capture

In the midst of covid lockdowns, we had the opportunity to extend our reach and work with photographers outside of North America. While still creating a consistent look for the campaign.
Global Diversity

Achieving a global representation is not only needed, but ensures we are accurately reflecting the diversity of the world around us.

Art Director: Cesar Banares
Sr. Graphic Designer: Karim Kadi
Sr. Copy Writer: Kat Hertz
Stylists: Courtney Cho + Erin Johnson
Producer: Sarah Buell
Photographers: Matthew Korinek, Jana Edisonga, Owen Yu + Mateo Garcia
Video Editors: Chad Thornton + Evan Bourque