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Karim Kadi is a multi-disciplinary creative who focuses on visual identity. His work consists of concepting and generating innovative new ideas for brands and can be seen across digital design and campaign art direction.

Notable highlights include, being awarded a D&AD Yellow Pencil and featured in publications such as Elle, Esquire, Dazed and Vogue.com.

Based in London, UK


This is the future of feeling good.


Discover your SUPERSELF.

What does it mean to live your best life? For the SUPERSELF campaign, we are exploring a holistic and unconventional approach to wellness—looking beyond the cliches and instead focusing on the most innovative and progressive ideas.

Visual Identity
Our approach emphasizes the importance of process. Like the journey to achieve overall well-being, the visual idenity showcases the steps taken to create it. We intentionally show the grids and guides to reiterate that the design is never finished and is always a work in progress.

Sr. Designers: Karim Kadi + Benjamin Stracker
Art Directors: Kieren Dickens, Max Barnett
Fashion Editors: Thea Bichard, Amy Newson
Photographers: Clark Franklin, Zoe Natale Mannella
Digital Artwork - CGI: Sucuc and Bratwurst